Health & Wellness Coach Weight Loss Expert

Keep It Real

When you're unhappy with your weight and how you look it affects your relationships, your career, self esteem and confidence.

You hate looking in the mirror, you hate getting on the scale and shopping can depress you. So, now you put on a fake smile for your family and friends.

However, they tell you that you look great so just deal with your weight and settle with how you look. While all along you're unhappy and it is now affecting your health.

 I struggled with weight gain and health issues until I changed my mindset. I let go of the influences of friends, family and society. I started looking within to decide my own ideal health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I did a lot of trial and error with my diet, detoxing of my body (colonics) and exercise. After self reflecting I found what worked for me.

I can now say I have peace and confidence with my body and my life! I enjoy shopping for clothes and LOVE looking in the mirror. I have self confidence, ambition and energy.

My knowledge and experience is too valuable not to share!

So let’s work together and get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance. We will. dive into emotional and binge eating, comparing yourself to others, fasting, social situations, bloating, hunger and cravings, sleep and stress. 

Through proper nutrition, detoxification and physical exercise we will build a stronger mind, body and spirit.

------------------- RESULTS----------------

Through our work together, you can expect to achieve:

Weight loss and learning how to keep it off so that you will never have to diet again

Feel more energy, peace and confidence in your life so that you can ultimately experience a healthier lifestyle

Feel happier in relationships with family and friends

Better sleep and improved moods

Feel comfortable in your clothes

Better digestion and less bloating

Efficient at burning fat

Finally feel in control of what you are eating

My 12 week program includes:
Week 1, 2, 3 and 4, twice a week 30 to 45 minute calls.
- The following 2 months, 1 call per week, 45 to an hour call.
- Email and text support between sessions. Also support from my group Facebook page.