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My first week being coached has been amazing. Five pounds gone. I have discovered a-lot about myself. Being coached is the best thing I could have done to get to the root cause of my weight issues. I have done several fad diets in the past taking all types of supplements I had no idea what was in them. Just to realize I never needed any on that stuff. Drinking water(100oz) and eating clean (fruit, veggies,& fish) can get your body back on track to it’s optimum being. I stepped over fear and I will continue to trust the process. Thank you so much Mrs. Fran Jackson.

I am on this journey because it is that time in my life to push back from that plate and move forward to living an intentional life in terms of what I put in my mouth; really thinking and being mindful of what’s good and not good for my body. It’s hard to not eat foods that’s not good but the journey will be a rewarding one for me. I just know it will be because God is helping me along the way and so is my amazing coach, Queen Fran!! 🙏🏾😍

I truly cannot say enough good things about Fran. What started out as an attempt to just lose a few pounds, became what can best be described as a healthy lifestyle change. And Fran, who started out as just a coach, ended up becoming a friend.  She not only took an interest in me as a client, but I feel that she always had what was best for me in mind and offered recommendations based on what my goals were, even after they had changed. Not only did she challenge me, but she made me challenge myself. I strongly recommend Fran to anyone who is looking to become the best person, physically, that they can become, not only through exercise and diet, but through gaining and maintaining a positive attitude.

I was introduced to Fran by my loving wife. Being raised in Southern Georgia, I would have never envisioned myself under Fran's care. I must admit that I was somewhat intimidated by the entire process; however after having a fraternity brother (fellow military officer) succumb to cancer at the age of 34. I realized that I must do whatever possible to ensure that I am here for my gorgeous wife and two beautiful young girls. My initial experience was challenging for me (mental), but ultimately I realized that I was concerned about nothing. After all, I grew up in rural Georgia. I came to realize that it was not about me, but my family. I wanted to take care of myself for them. In addition, hereditary elements, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, once considered challenging for me were now all of a sudden normal. I personally believe that all were a result of my sessions with Fran. I have recommended to several fraternity brothers to seek out Fran. I am convinced that working with Fran has been a life changing event. I found her to be professional, insightful and personable in all of her counsel and actions. I am a client as long as I reside in the area. I truly recommend Fran for her services in what I term as "life changing". Thanks for what you do Fran!